Starting at $29.95/mo

Enjoy a solo activity every month.

No need to be social. Pamper your inner introvert and do something fun on your own! 


How it works

Each month we'll select a theme to help you recharge. In each box you'll receive 4-5 items which may include:

  • Relaxing solo activities
  • Yummy treats
  • Quirky novelty items
  • Books with misunderstood characters
  • Cozy & cute household goods

Choose a product

Select a subscription plan or make a one time purchase.

Receive your package

Your box of surprises will arrive around the second week of the following month.


Enjoy a relaxing day to yourself. 

Quarterly Book Club

Every three months, subscribers will receive our book club box which features selections about quirky characters who aren't quite understood by the people around them.  If you'd like to skip our other wonderful monthly themes and just kick back with a good book from time to time, select the quarterly book club option in our one time shop. 


What is Hideaway Crate?

Hideaway crate is a monthly subscription box for introverted women and homebodies.  Every month you'll receive a themed box chattering to a relaxing and enjoyable solo activity. Boxes will contain 4-5 items including home goods, snacks, special gifts or best selling books with relatable characters.  

How often will I get this box?

Month to month or 3 month prepaid subscribers will receive a box once a month until they cancel. One time purchasers will receive one box unless they choose to make another onetime purchase. Book club only subscriptions will be received box quarterly (four times a year). 

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, Hideaway Crate only ships within the United States and Canada.

More questions? Click HERE for a complete list of frequently asked questions.