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 What is a Hideaway Crate?

Hideaway Crate is a monthly subscription box for introverted women and homebodies.  Every month you'll receive a themed box catering to a relaxing and enjoyable solo activity. Boxes will contain 4-5 items including home goods, snacks, special gifts or best selling books with relatable characters. 

Can I gift a subscription to someone ?

Yes, Hideaway Crate will make a great gift for someone special in your life!  Our month to month and one time options are available as gifts. Just make sure the check the box that says “THIS IS A GIFT” at checkout then add a personal note in the “gift message” section. 

How much does Hideaway Crate cost?

Month to month subscriptions and one time boxes are $32.00 + $5.95 shipping. Pricing for other one time items will vary.  

How often will I get this box?

Subscribers will receive a box once a month until they cancel. One time purchasers will receive one box unless they choose to make another onetime purchase. 

How does subscription billing work ?

Month to month: Payment for your first month's box is charged on the day you place your order and you are re-billed on the 15th of every month to receive the next month’s box. 

When are the boxes shipped? 

Boxes are shipped within the first week of the month via USPS. Please subscribe by the last day of the month to receive your box the following month. We will send you a shipment confirmation email once your box has shipped. 

How long will it take for my to receive my package?

Generally you will receive your box within one week of the shipping date. Estimated delivery dates will vary based on your distance from Michigan.

Is shipping included? 

Shipping is not included. For subscribers and one time box purchasers it is a flat rate of $5.95 per month.  One time item purchases totaling less than $15 will be charged $3.95 for shipping.

Do you ship internationally? 

At this time Hideaway Crate only ships within the United States.

What currency do you use?

All charges are in US Dollars. 

Am I responsible for sales tax?

Michigan residents will have a 6% sales tax added to their purchase subtotal.

Can I cancel my subscription?  

Yes, you can cancel at any time. Please not that if you cancel after the 15th of the month, you will receive the next month’s box. After the box has been shipped you will no longer receive future boxes.

How do I cancel my subscription? 

If you need to cancel, login to your account, click the 'Edit' button under “Your Subscription(s),” and click the button that says “Cancel Subscription.” On the next screen, let us know the reason for your cancellation and select “Yes, Cancel Me.” If you cancel your subscription before you are billed for the next month, your cancellation will be effective immediately. If you cancel your subscription after you are billed for the month, the cancellation will be effective for the next month. The cancellation will not automatically cancel the upcoming shipment or process a refund for the amount paid. Please contact us at contact@hideawaycrate.com with any questions regarding refunds or the cancellations. 

What is your return/refund policy? 

For boxes that have already shipped, we do not accept returns or provide refunds. Three month prepaid subscriptions are not eligible for partial refunds after the first box has shipped. Please contact us at contact@hideawaycrate.com if you would like to receive a refund for a month to month or one time purchase box that has already been paid for but has not been shipped.   

What if an item is damaged?

If one of your items arrives broken or damaged, we will happily replace it as long as we still have the product in stock and you have notified us within 7 days of receiving your box. If we have been contacted within 7 days but no longer have the item in stock, we will provide a coupon to be applied towards your next month’s box (value to be determined upon inquiry). Email us at contact@hideawaycrate.com for further assistance.  

What happens if my credit card is declined on the renewal?

If your subscription fails to renew on the 15th, we will attempt to charge your credit card once per day for 10 days until the subscription is successfully renewed. If after 10 days your subscription has not renewed, your account will be put into an expired status. If a payment has not been received by the last day of the month, you will not receive the next month’s box. You can reactivate your subscription at any time and will receive your next box based on the date the new order was received.

How do I update my billing information?

Login to your account and click the “Edit” button under “Credit Card.” Update the fields with your new billing information and click “Save.” Please keep in mind that subscription payments will be pulled on the 15th of the month. 

How do I change my subscription? 

Login to your account and click the “Edit” button under “Your Subscription(s).” Choose the subscription term you would like and then click “Change.” On the next screen, click “Confirm.” The changes will be reflected in your next billing cycle. 

How do I change my address if I've moved? 

Login to your account and click the “Edit” button under “Shipping Address.” Update the fields with your new address and click “Save.” If you need to change or update your address, please do so by the last day of the month to ensure that next month’s box arrives at your new address.

Can I skip a month? 

Yes, to skip a month on your subscription, go to your account, Login and click the “Edit” button under “Your Subscription(s).” On the next screen, click the button that says “Skip Next Renewal” and then confirm this by clicking “Yes, Skip It.” 

My Hideaway Crate subscription caused me to overdraw my account. Will you cover my overdraft fee?

Hideaway Crate is not liable for covering overdraft fees. Please contact your financial institution for further assistance.

I have a product that would be great for your box. How do I contact you?

Please contact us at contact@hideawaycrate.com with “Become a Vendor”  in the subject line. We will contact you if we're interested!

I have another question or concern.  How do I contact you?

We can be reached at contact@hidewaycrate.com for any questions or concerns. Please allow 5 business days for a response. In most cases, we’ll get back to you much sooner.